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Workshop Rivas, Nicaragua February 2010

Published on: 15. June 2010
Author: dnnFunc dnnFunc

 The workshop was held in Rivas between 22-25th February 2010

Workshop Rivas, Nicaragua February 2010


The workshop started with a field visit to the Rivas site. Silvopastoral systems of the region, primary ecosystem functions, composition and management were the theme of the day.
During day two and three plant traits and function (WP 4), what to measure, how to measure it and what it means were discussed.
  • Rumen functions: traits related to decomposition of litter
  • Leaf phenology and reproductive phenology
  • Drought tolerance/avoidance
  • Carbon sequestration and storage
  • Livestock-methane
  • Thresholds of ANPP vs. shade relationship
  • Invasive species
At day four from species traits to single and multiple ecosystem functions (WP 5) was debated, together with recording of data and data sharing policy.