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"The role of functional diversity for ecosystem services in multi-functional agroforestry"

23-25th May 2013 at “NINA-huset”

Gløshaugen University Campus, Trondheim, Norway

FUNCiTREE invites you to join the Final Conference in Trondheim, Norway that will be hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).  Researchers and practitioners with an interest in cross-disciplinary work, at the interface between ecology, agro-pastoral ecosystems, ecological economics and social change are most welcome.

The program includes oral presentations and posters with findings from the FunciTree Project combined with and a series of talks by invited experts on key themes scoping sustainable ecosystem service provision and the maintenance of biological diversity in tropical seasonally dry agro-ecosystems.

Agroforestry has a large potential to make use of biodiversity to restore and enhance the productive capacity of agro-silvo-pastoral ecosystems.It can help diversify private benefits, cope with production bottlenecks and fluctuations, at the same time as it provides multiple public ecosystem services such as the maintenance of habitats and food for wildlife, water quality protection, and capacity for carbon sequestration and storage. The characteristics of agroforestry are of high relevance in the context of the recently established Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

The conference is co-financed by the Research Council of Norway