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Practical Information


We recommend that the participants upon arrival at Trondheim Airport Værnes take the Airport Bus to the centre of Trondheim. The bus leaves from outside the Arrival Hall at the Airport (right-hand side) and arrives in Trondheim approximately 30 minutes later. Tickets can be bought on the bus (both cash and credit cards are accepted).

Information about the bus fare can be found here

A one-way ticket cost 130 NOK

A round trip ticket is also available for 220 NOK

The Airport Buses stops outside the Grand Olav Hotel  https://www.nordicchoicehotels.no/Clarion-Collection/Clarion-Collection-Hotel-Grand-Olav/(right across the street from the bus stop at Royal Garden Hotel)

Local transport

Buses nr 66 and 8 will take you from the center of the town to Gløshaugen, and nr 36 and 8 from the Gløshaugen to town (Bus stop "Lerkendal Gård" right at the football stadium. Buses run relatively often during the day (ca every 10 min) , you can check the bus timetable at  https://www.atb.no/

Here is information about the “Svip card”   https://www.atb.no/svipp-kort/category266.html

You can purchase pre-filled travel cards at the following shops:

  • Narvesen
  • 7-Eleven
  • Deli de Luca
  • AtB kundesenter

Please remember that these cards can only be filled once.

  •  24 hours /72 hours - adult
  • 10 klipps (for 10 bus journeys) - adult

Bank facilities

The airport terminals have ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines, usually called “Minibank” in Norway). The ATMs are available 24 hours- a- day. Most banks in Trondheim are open Mon-Fri 09.00 – 15.30, while all ATMs in Trondheim are available 24 hours- a- day.

Official language

The official Language in Norway is Norwegian, but English is spoken and understood in hotels, shops and restaurants. The Conference Language is English.

Conference venue

The Conference will take place at the anfitheater located at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research building, at the Gløshaugen university campus.  More information about Trondheim (e.g. museums, activities) is available at www.trondheim.com

Payment details

For non-project participants, the conference fee is 300 Norwegian kroner and will cover conference meals, coffee breaks during the conference and conference material. The conference dinner will be charged separatly.

Accommodation must be paid individually at the hotel unless otherwise arranged for project participants.

Conference programme

The conference programme will start on Thursday 23th May at 1300 hrs, and the conference will formally close on Saturday 25th May at 12:30 hrs. The up to date programme and schedule will be available at the Conference Web Page.
A detailed programme will be provided to all participants.

Weather and clothing

The temperature at this time of the year can oscilate around +15 degrees C during the day and + 10 degrees C in the evening.  Particularly at the coast, it can be chilly. We recommend participants to bring warm and waterproof clothes.You can check the weather forecast for Trondheim and Norway at: http://www.yr.no/ . Norway is in the GMT +1 time zone.

Visit Norway

For more information about traveling to Norway please find the official travel guide to Norway at http://www.visitnorway.com/.