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FUNCiTREE Technical briefs

  • Issue no 1 Carbon off-set options for the FUNCiTREE project
  • Issue no 2 Methodology feasibility
  • Issue no 3 Etude de reconnaissance morpho-pedologique dans les communes de Dioro et de Farakou Massa (region de Segou)
  • Issue no 4 Trait-based models for single AFS functions
  • Issue no 5 Towards integrating plant functional traits and ecosystem services in a model of silvopastoral systems in Senegal using Bayesian Belief Networks
  • Issue no 6 Models of trait‐based agroforestry multi‐functions
  • Issue no 7 Cross-site analyses of agroforestry ecological functions in sub-humid and semi-arid regions
  • Issue no 8 Portfolio des arbres selon leur traits fonctionnels – Potou
  • Issue no 9 Cross-site analysis of farmer perceptions of AFS trees, their functions and traits 
  • Issue no 10 Portfolio des arbres selon leur traits fonctionnels ‐ Ségou  
  • Issue no 11 Portfolios to enhance multi‐functions in agro‐silvopastoral systems 
  • Issue no 12 A Bayesian network approach to modeling farmer and scientific knowledge of multifunctional trees in pastures